Hey Dolls,

I’m Grace and this is just my little space on the internet to write about all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle and just have a little ramble here and there.

You’ll learn a lot about me here on the blog through my posts and all over my social media as well but here is a little to get you started so you don’t go in totally blindsided.

I’m Grace, I’m 19 and currently living in London. I have just finished a course at the Fashion Retail Academy in Fashion Business and Retail and am doing a degree Fashion Retail Academy and Falmouth University in Fashion Marketing and Communications. I have always loved fashion, shopping and all things make up and beauty so I started this blog back in 2014 to share my love for clothes and life with you. I have had a few name changes, website theme changes and hiccups along the way but I’ve never lost the love. I have an unconditional and ongoing love for fashion and a mountain of clothes in my wardrobe (some still with the tags on after months; anyone else guilty of this) but I also love trying new things and sharing them with my friends so why not share them with you?

So this blog is not only a loving pastime of mine but my clothes and make up don’t go unappreciated as well as me having something to chat about.

So thank you for taking the time to read and support my blog and social medias and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I love creating, I cannot wait for Graceful Couture to grow with you along for the ride. So kick back with some sweeties and a cup of green tea and let’s get gossiping.

Stay Sassy xox