OOTD; A fashion and football city

OOTD; A fashion and football city

So this is it the last few days in Milano. I have combined our last full day and the day we left into one for this post.

So on the Sunday we headed to the San Siro stadium, the home of Inter Milan and AC Milan football teams for all you girls who are just as useless at European football as I am. This was on our final hop on hop off bus tour which was a little more out the way. W had to switch bus routes halfway through and there was a wait time for the second one so we explored the area we had been dropped off with which included the Milan Castello (Castle; pretty self-explanatory) There was a gorgeous big water fountain in from of the castle which everyone was taking pictures around and it was just a really cute place to have a little stop off and stroll. Heading back on the bus with panini’s in hand we soon arrived at San Siro.

It..was..a..ghost town! There was litro no one there. We had been told we could get tickets for the match that evening at the stadium during the day and that the stadium tours would still be going ahead but nope, this was not the case. So we headed back to the metro to go back to the club store in the centre of Milan, only problem was we had no idea which ticket to choose. By the way Milan underground stations are not like London ones. We have them nice men and women who can help you with directions and the ticket machines and when to get on the train, mind the doors and all that! Nope, not a soul there. But we managed, all on our own, we managed! We finally got back into town and went to the Inter Milan store where sure enough we bought tickets no problem…another thing that would not happen in the UK! Football tickets..on the day of the match…and only costing 30 euros! Not a chance. Also not to mention mine was only 10 euros because I am a student…hello university perks!

In the evening we went to the Excelsior hotel which is right by the central station, not far from our own hotel. As some of you know I have a tattoo on my wrist that says ‘Excelsior’ which comes from the latin word meaning ‘ever upwards’ Therefore I just had to go to this hotel and check it out. It was so beautiful and so grand. We went up to the rooftop bar where the view was just unreal. All across the city which was lit up in the evening darkness. We ordered a couple cocktails which honestly…I love me a cocktail and I’ve tried my fair share but this was by far one of my favourites ever. It was Grey Goose Vodka, Rose liqueur and raspberries. The name was the best part ‘A Love Affair’ so cute. With our cocktails we got some delicious canapes, olives and popadoms (a little odd combination but we went with it) It was just such a great experience that I was so thankful to James for taking me to.

After the civilised classy cocktails we headed to a rowdy beer induced football game…quite a change of scenery. And let me just tell you the crowd control…was poor. It was a bundle to get in, that is what it was. But once we were inside the size of the stadium was insane. We were high I thought but we weren’t even at the top. We were near the away fans though which provided quite a lot of entertainment as well as the match. It was a win to Inter Milan winning 2-0 and it was amazing to see James in his element. We had been to many shops and fashion related sites in Milan so it was only fair I let him have this one.

Funny story to tell you as well. On the way back from the game we decided to get the metro again and again because the land around the stadium is so big you don’t actually realise how many people are heading for the metro as there are so many coaches and trams around that people are bundling on to as well. So as you get to the metro there were these turnstiles that were below a countdown that was going down so fast. James had noticed it and immediately realised what it was but obviously old clueless over here didn’t even register what it was. So he is going to me ‘we aren’t going to make it’ over and over and I was just like ‘What do you mean not going to make it, course we are?’ And with that he pushed me through the turnstile. As I turned around I saw James banging on this turnstile and me through the other side. Immediately I began to panic and shouting ‘Noooo, what are we going to do??’ Literally almost crying with all these Italian men looking at me thinking I was insane. You see the countdown was a countdown of how many people would be let through to the ticket barriers and down on to the metro. But I thought once they had locked it, where James got stuck, meant the station was closed. That is why I got so worried…low and behold about 4 minutes later I looked like the most over dramatic loser ever when the barriers opened and people came bundling through again. Honestly a moment I will never look back and not laugh at.

So the next day we had a late check out so we slept in, grabbed some breakfast and then went into the city one last time. We found another store called the Excelsior Milano which was essentially a small department store full of  edgy designer brands such as Off White, Givenchy, Valentino, Adidas, Fenty, Yeezy etc. And had different departments like lifestyle, Technology, Home, Shoes, Accessories and Mens and Womens clothes. It was an amazing store, so modern and edgy. If someone gave me the money to open any store I want, this would be the kind of thing I would open. And of course the name made it even better.

There really isn’t much more to say about our final day, we wandered the shops and the streets and stopped for a few drinks and something to eat before we headed off to the bus stop to the airport. We were so sad to leave Milan. It really was an amazing city that not many people think of going to or rush towards for some reason. I think it is because there are so many amazing European cities and so many cities across the world that tend to be more popular but there was something about Milan that I loved differently. Maybe it was the Italian food!

So the outfit for the day we left wasn’t really relevant as it was just travel and repeated statement pieces. But Sunday’s outfit consisted off this gorgeous trend check shirt dress from Zara. The style of this dress I love because it can be worn looser for a more casual effortless look or with a belt to give it a bit more edgy and structure to it. I actually styled it both ways..loose during the day and with the belt in the evening. I then paired this with my black Topshop coat in the daytime and switched it up with my burgundy pink faux fur coat from Missguided in the evening. I wore my Topshop loafers with both looks as well as my Flicker Bag from Cosmic Edge Fashion on Instagram and Depop.

I really love doing these travel diary OOTD style posts for you so let me know if you’re still loving the OOTD’s and if you’ve enjoyed this travel segment and want me to do more poss like this on my travels in the (hopefully) not too distant future. I have been doing quite a few polls on Instagram about this kind of thing for your feedback so make sure you go and vote on them so I know what you guys want to see. *Instagram Link In Footer*

Also a shout out to James for taking me to this gorgeous city, it was really unexpected and I had some amazing experiences I won’t forget. As well as taking some amazing photos and content along the way.

Stay Sassy xox