OOTD; A fashion and foodie weekend

OOTD; A fashion and foodie weekend

This weekend centred around two things; fashion and food.

I wanted to share with you some of the things I’ve been up to, the outfits I’ve worn, the places I’ve been and of course the purchases I made!

So this weekend I went to Bicester Village designer shopping outlet with my friend Holly. Yes it’s an annoyance to get to but Holly was a trouper and with a lot of chatter, gossip and some killer tunes, we got there. For those of you wondering Bicester is around two hours from where I live so maybe I’m exaggerating a little hehee!

I was curious about Bicester considering I’ve never been before and was wondering how worth it it would be. But I really thought it was great, maybe it’s because it’s close to Christmas. But there was lots of stock, great prices and everything was like it would be in the stand alone store. Dior was Dior and you didn’t feel like you was in an outlet. That is both in terms of product, cleanliness, customer service and store layout. There were some stores that were better than others obviously and these were the bigger stores, some which you had to queue for but it went very quickly. I actually found it better to queue because that way you had a better quality of shopping in the store without it being crowded to the point you can’t see anything like some outlet stores I’ve been to before.

Even the layout of Bicester was beautiful, the little white wooden stores like little boutiques and being dressed for Christmas made it even more beautiful.

In terms of what designers were there, they had most of the designers you could wish for; Dior, Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Michael Kors, Balenciaga, Valentino, Armani, Gucci and so many more!

Funny story actually, as we were nearing the end of the village, Holly turned and said ‘yeah we are getting near the end now I think, there’s a shop selling acne treatments up there, why would they want that here?’ I turned to her and said ‘Holly, did it say Acne Studios?’ And she pulled a face and was like ‘Yeah!’ I just looked at her and said ‘Holly, that is a designer’ and we both burst out laughing! Safe to say that was one of the highlights of my day!

Anyway on to the purchase of the day which is the bit I’m so excited to tell you about. If you follow me on Instagram you will already know about my on the spot impulse buy. So I’ve always wanted a Gucci bag, Gucci is one of my favourite designers and I love their bags! I had been saving for one but it’s the kind of thing you put off and off saying you don’t need it but when I saw this bag it was almost like it was calling me.

Red is my favourite colour and such a statement to brighten up a dull outfit which a lot of my wardrobe does seem to be black, grey and cream in the winter especially.

So the question I suppose I should answer is is Bicester worth it and 100% I would say yes. Don’t get me wrong if you think you’re going to walk in and find a Gucci bag for £100 you are very mistaken! It is still premium pricing but just slightly less than what it would be if it was in a stand alone store and usually it is previous designs you can no longer get in store.

Other than that it is really lovely for just a day out looking and admiring all the labels in one place.

When I got back from Bicester I was surprised to see a text from my boyfriend telling me to get ready and meet him at the train station. I did, and found we were going for a surprise overnight stay in central London! The hotel was the Double Tree Hilton in Westminster which was really lovely, we got ready and went out for the evening.

We went to Steak and Co in Leicester Square which is a lovely steak restaurant with a great concept. Those of you who have been following me or know me will know I don’t eat red meat but there was still plenty for me to choose from. But it was a great concept restaurant for any of you who do. They basically bring up your steak rare to your table with a little hot skillet thing which you can then cook your steak to how you like it adding your choice of salt and butter and sauce. Not to mention the fact the cocktails were lovely, maybe too lovely!

The next morning I was treated to breakfast in bed before we headed to London aquarium after a walk along Westminster bridge and to look at the Poppy’s for Remembrance Sunday. The London aquarium is so beautiful, it’s a great place for photos and just seeing something different as well.

After that we came out and walked along the bridge back towards Charing Cross and then up towards regent street where we browsed in all the stores well as many as we could before we got to Selfridges! And I gave James just a few Christmas ideas hehee! I love seeing the Christmas decorations in Selfridges every year and love the store as a whole. I never usually browse the menswear sections so it was great to go have a look up there too.

By the time we were out it was dark and we saw all the gorgeous Christmas lights that were up so far along Oxford Street and Carnaby street etc. But it was freezing so we had another quick bite to eat and some cocktails at Chiquitos in Leicester Square and headed back home!

In terms of outfits Saturday night I wore my black lace playsuit, that I’ve photographed before, from Pretty Little Thing and paired this with my black crombie coat from Topshop; this coat does come with a little leopard print collar that is detachable so in this case I wasn’t wearing it but it looks so cute with other outfits! I then styled my over the knee suede heeled boots from boohoo and my gorgeous new Gucci bag.

Then on the Sunday I wore my suede legging/trousers from Zara that are so comfortable it’s unreal. When I first bought them I was worried they were going to be uncomfortable but they are so easy wearing especially because they have a stretchy waist. So all these food and coffee stops I was doing this weekend was accommodated just fine by these. I then styled these with this gorgeous cream and black tweed top which is also from Zara. Again I wore this with my black coat, Gucci bag and silver loafers from Topshop.

Let me know if you like me posting this kind of content and there’s lots more where it came from coming up!

Also head over to my Instagram for more outfit posts and 21 buttons for direct links to the pieces I’m wearing in all my OOTD’s!

Stay Sassy xox