OOTD: Parisian Fall Chic

OOTD: Parisian Fall Chic

As you all know I went to Paris last week for the Christian Dior exhibition and I had so many lovely comments from you on my outfits and so many asks to do a outfit post so that’s exactly what I’m doing.

So Parisian style is that really laid back effortlessly classy trendy chic style so I wanted outfits that didn’t scream desperate trend look at me but also showed that I am into fashion and wanted to look and feel good.

So the first day I opted for this cream high neck ruffle blouse from Zara. I love this blouse because it ties in that smart sophisticated look with the high neck and ruffle autumn trends. But because of the semi sheer blouse material it makes it more of a trend shirt rather than a ‘about to go to work’ shirt. It gives it that sexy, sultry look without being too much and still being classy and reserved due to the high neck. This colour looks great on every skin tone as well and is so easy to pair with pretty much any colour jean or jacket.

I chose to pair this with my black ripped Topshop Joni Jeans, the high waisted ones of course because why would you wear any different. I went for my black jeans with rips in and a turn up ankle to give that chilled and daytime look to the outfit as well, plus I love a ripped jean for that extra edge. The Topshop jeans are just so comfortable as well and because I was also travelling on this day I didn’t want to be in anything too uncomfortable and restricting so these were just perfect for an long day wear.

I then styled these with my suede pale blue Zara jacket off the shoulder. Now wearing an off the shoulder jacket just gives a whole different layer to an outfit. If you ever think about what you can do to spice up an outfit then add a vibrant or interesting jacket off the shoulder. Not only does it add dimension but it also gives an element of extra class and trendy vibes to the outfit as a whole. I added my blue Zara jacket to this outfit as I wanted to brighten it up a little but not too much and the blue added just enough for me. This jacket looks so nice on as well which adds to its value within the outfit even more.

Not to mention my shoes and accessories which are also a major key part to the finishing touches of an outfit. My shoes are from Office and while some say they are a little out there and alternative, I have never had more compliments or questions on a pair of shoes as I have with these babies. They are a suede grey, which go with more than you would think by the way, laceless trainer with crystal gems on the front. Not only do they have a little platform boost which make me look taller, this is always a plus if you’re 5’1 like me! But they are so so comfortable as well. Gems, pearls and detailing on trainers and shoes are such a trend right now on the high street and these were a great buy from office. They almost mirror the Kurt Geiger style laceless trainers but were just half of the pricetag.

To accessorize this look I wore my trusty Moschino quilted black bag and pandora ring and bracelet. And that was the look complete!

My second look of the trip is similar in terms of style but includes a few different pieces. So I first wore this white shirt from Zara again but this time with the detail of a drawstring cuff and a drawstring waist which does wonders for the figure. This adds a really great silhouette and hides the food baby when you’ve been eating too much pastry in Paris!

I teamed this with a blue jean this time, as well from Zara which I have only recently discovered are just as great as Topshop jeans and (wait for it…) HALF THE PRICE! These are the ones with the frayed hems which can sometimes make me look shorter than I am and cut me off at the leg which is why I prefer to wear a bulkier shoe or a heel with these jeans when I do style them.

I then styled this look with a black faux fur biker style jacket, again off the shoulder and again from Zara.  A lot of you may be thinking it is autumn, is it really time for the faux fur to come out yet? And the answer was yes. On this day in Paris, the answer was yes. It was really quite cold plus it added to the outfit so even more so the answer was yes. I then paired this outfit with the same shoes as the previous.

However because this was quite a basic prestige outfit colour wise, I accessorized with my single line diamante choker from Elle Boutique in my local high street as well as my bright red Chanel box bag. This just added a great pop of sparkle and colour to the whole look and really added to the Parisian vibes with the red as well. Red is also a major trend colour right now so that was also a bonus.

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Stay Sassy Dolls and see you over on 21 Buttons xox