Girl In San Fransisco 

Girl In San Fransisco 

The second  edition in this travel series is a city break and a great one at that! It’s also the first stop on my California road trip. 

I was in San Fransisco for 3 nights and two full days. There is so much to in San Fransisco but it’s doable and you can cover everything within a city break. I’m going to tell you some of the best places to go, eat and shop in this city of California. 

So I was staying at the Grand Hyett in Union Square which was a great location. Pretty central to the shopping district and right next to a Macy’s and Cheesecake Factory. It was the perfect central location to get around the city for walking and for getting taxis. 

So the first evening we were so jetlagged so nothing much exciting happened. So the next morning which was when all the fun began. We got up early and headed to Mama’s which was a breakfast and lunch restaurant that was incredible! They did everything and it was all delicious. There was a bit of a line when we got there because it’s so popular and it’s a small restaurant inside; but trust me it’s worth the wait. We waited around 45 minutes to get into the place, order and be seated but once we were in there the vibes were so great. I ordered banana pancakes which came with bananas inside and out, complete with maple syrup and jam! Literally insane! You cannot come to San Fran and not check this place out! 

We then visited the stereotypical tourist sites, coit tower, Grace cathedral (perfectly named if I do say so myself) and we trekked up a lot of hills! Beware when walking round San Fran, make sure you do not do it in heels! For every Hill you walk down there’s one just as steep to walk up the other side! 

That afternoon we headed to Union Swuare and Powell street where all the best shops are like Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Sephora and a great store we found called Zumiez. Apparently they are a chain in the US but being a Brit I’ve never heard of them but it was basically a really cool skate hip hop grunge shop selling all the hottest brands in streetwear fashion like hype, vans, stussy, thrasher magazine and more! They had some of the best stock and a great sale as well! 

Also whilst in San Fran we were lucky enough to catch a Giants game at AT&T Park. It was a local derby between the Oakland athletics and the San Fransisco Giants. The stadium was huge and had such a great atmosphere. Baseball is quite a slow game with a few breaks and the game itself can be up to 3 hours long. This is why it was progressively busier towards the end of the game as people come and go the whole way through but we wanted to see the beginning to see the national anthem be sung and all of the warm up chants etc. If you have the opportunity to see a baseball game whilst here or actually in any US city then I definatly would jump at the chance because it’s an experience like none other. The only thing I will say though is that the baseball stadium prices for food, drink and merchandise make football look cheap. £11 for a pint; maybe us London Stadium fans shouldn’t be moaning after all. 

I also got to see the Golden Gate Bridge whilst in San Fransisco. We drove over the bridge to the island the other side called Salsalito which was a super cute bayside town. It contained a few shops, a harbour and that is about it. Lots of people like to bike over the Golden Gate Bridge to Salsalito and then get the ferry back however we aren’t really bike fans but this would be great if you were. 
We found a great store in Salsalito that sold all printed socks. It was actually called Soksalito and when I say all kinds of socks I mean all kinds. Food themes, superheroes, sports teams, California themed, all different sayings and words. Of course I got the ones that sum up me and my blog perfectly….can you guess? 

We then got the ferry back over to the mainland which was a great experience and definitely recommended. Here you get a great view of the city from the bay, a great view of the Golden Fate Bridge and of course Alcatraz which you go right up close to on the ferry. We didn’t actually go on to Alcatraz because we simply didn’t have enough time but we got a good enough view of it from the ferry boat and that was enough for us but if you’re interested or a fan of The Rock then I’d take the tour. 

Where you get dropped of in San Fransisco port by the ferry there is a great indoor market with lots of food stalls in fact all the food stalls you could imagine; sushi, wine, cheese, burgers, meat, ice cream, cake…even a mushroom stall. We got an ice cream here and had a little mooch around before getting the cable car back up to near or hotel which was hilarious. They are hop on hop off and are a great experience, just like how you see in the movies!



​​​We did a lot of cool tourist things when in San Fransisco and it’s a great city to see and I’m glad I’ve checked it off my bucket list. The only thing I would say is that don’t expect to go to San Fran and it be a warm sunny city, it’s not. It’s grey and cloudy most morning until late afternoon but it’s not one for shorts and t shirts; well not for my body temperatures anyway! 

So if you’re thinking of San Fran or are planning to go then I hope this has helped you out and if not I hope it will encourage you to experience the city one day. I love sharing my adventures with you and love hearing about yours too so don’t forget to share your San Fran experiences with me or any places you think I would love to visit on twitter, snap or Insta. All links below. 

Stay sassy xox