Girl in Cyprus

Girl in Cyprus

As part of my travel series for the summer first up I have my first travel destination which is Cyprus. 

I travelled to Cyprus during July for 10 days with my boyfriend and it was our first holiday together. Everyone says the first holiday is a make or break and I think I can safely say it was a make…other than him annoying me while I’m trying to get ready in the evening, not a good move James! 

We were staying with James’ family members in Cyprus who were kind enough to welcome us into their beautiful home. We stayed in a little village in the south of Cyprus called Pissouri. Pissouri is small but has a lot of character and is a great tourist town if you don’t want to stay in the busy and expensive town centre of Paphos. It’s not too far from everything but I would recommend getting a car if you can. 

Some of the best things we did whilst we were there was going to see the jersey boys tribute band at the Pissouri Amphitheatre. This was so fun because we could bring our own alcohol, so we just got some beers from the local shop and had a singalong. If anything is on in an amphitheatre while you’re in Cyprus you have to go. It was such a great experience outside and I even managed to get James up and dancing with me!


​We spent a day down at the Pissouri Bay beach which was lovely, hiring beds and umberellas was so cheap for the day! The sea was gorgeous and the water sports looks insane, we just don’t have the bottle to do any of it haha! The only thing I would say about the beach is do not go to the cafe directly on the beach, it’s so expensive and isn’t worth it when you can get better and cheaper food just a short walk down the road. You’re paying to sit near the beach, better yet just take your own food and drinks in a cool box! 

Another incredible experience was the boat trip we went on, you can hire a boat trip in Paphos and at many other beaches but we got ours from Latchi which is a short drive from Polis. We were lucky enough to go on a boat that one of James’ family friends owns which was insane! We went out to this little bay on the boat, jumped in and I even went snorkelling in the bay and saw all cute little fishes and all kinds of sea plants too! We then kicked back for a sunbathe on the front of the boat with a cold Leon beer and headed for a slow drive back to the mainland!

Ooh that reminds me, if you like jewellery, especially vintage jewellery I have the perfect little shop for you, near latchi and polis! It’s called ‘bags of fun’ and the amount of beautiful jewellery is incredible, all colours, shapes and kinds. Honestly I could have spent hours in this shop admiring the pieces. I found the most gorgeous purple stone ring and it was only 10 euros! I’m still kicking myself for not bringing it back with me! If you’re in the area it is defiantly worth the visit…trust me! 

We went to the northern side of Cyprus one day which was a great experience seeing the history of the country and learning a little about the Turkish side. The coastline of Kyrenia was so beautiful, the harbour was so peaceful and a lovely setting for a beer! There’s lots of cute markets selling bags, jewellery and clothes as well which are good for a mooch around. It’s quite a drive if you’re staying on the Southern side but it’s worth the drive for a day trip or even an overnight stay, it’s another place ticked off the travel list too! 

One of the best and most romantic meals I’ve ever had was at the cliffside restaurant The Hillview. The view here was just gorgeous, if you get an outdoor seat then you’re in for a real treat. You can see for miles and especially at sunset the view is so romantic. The menu is to die for, such a great yet tasteful selection to choose from. We had the starter platter to start which includes stuffed mushrooms, feta parcels and hullomi covered in sesame seeds. We then both had chicken, mine stuffed with spinach, feta and sundried tomatoes and James was stuffed with mozzarella and covered in sesame seeds with sweet chilli sauce! Both were absolutely delicious and certainly went down a treat. James and I then both couldn’t resist dessert and I certainly wasn’t sharing with him so we both had a sticky toffee pudding which was worth the calorie intake! The best thing about this meal was that it was so delicious and presented so well but it wasn’t overly expensive; however this was because we didn’t drink alcohol and instead had a drink in the square afterwards so if you’re looking for an incredible meal at a great price don’t drink but head to the hillview! 

One of the best things we did was the Cyprus night at the Platea Tavern in the square. It was a buffet with drinks flowing and lots of entertainment. James got a little tipsy this night to say the least hahaa! The entertainment included Greek and Cypriot dancing, a bazeuki player who I say was the Cypriot equivalent of Ed Sheeran and even a belly dancer! You can’t really explain the atmosphere of the evening until you’ve been there so I’ve inserted some videos that were featured on my snapchat so you can get an idea! Honestly was just a really entertaining upbeat evening especially in such a little village they definatly know how to entertain a crowd! 

​Another great destination we went was for some food but was also a great place to hang out and spend the day. It was called Milanda beach restaurant. It’s an outdoor family run restaurant, very casual as its right on the beach but the sunset beach views and the food were just incredible. I had the white bait which not many people can get on board with and also not many places do it very well but it was just to die for. Definatly a recommended place. 

I think it’s safe to say I enjoyed my travels to Cyprus and certainly made the most out of it, don’t worry I got in some tanning time too! One for the memory book. 

Let me know if you’re heading to Cyprus on your travels; there’s lots more knowledge and cute places I can share if you want it Huns. 

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Stay tuned for the next ‘Girl In…’ series and Stay Sassy xox 



  1. Christina Ball
    August 5, 2017 / 7:36 pm

    What a lovely account of your stay. Delightful houseguest welcome any time !

  2. Christina Ball
    August 5, 2017 / 7:36 pm

    What a lovely account of your stay. Delightful houseguest welcome any time !