Thought of the day: Insta Obsessed 

Every morning I wake up and the first thing I do is grab my phone and scroll through my Instagram. I find myself scrolling through outfit shots, the latest blogger PR unboxing stories, being overwhelmed by the account of avocado featured in brunch selfies and a incredible, hot dog leg holiday name just a few of the stereotypical posts we all surely see when we scroll through Instagram. But one thing I do check is how many followers, likes and comments I have gained overnight. First thing in the morning this is my first thought. Surely that’s not right. My first thought in the morning is how many people have liked my image I posted the night before. 

My first thought should be what I’m going to achieve during my day or how my family are but it’s just not.

I love social media and it’s part of my daily life for a reason, I love the beauty and fashion world it has opened me up to however I don’t like how obsessive it has made me become and how reliant I have become on approval from distant or past peers and for want of a better word total strangers. 

These people don’t know me, they don’t know my goals, they don’t know my flaws, they don’t know my feelings. However they do know where I went on holiday last year, what I had for breakfast and what I’m watching on tv. 

Being a blogger I take part in social media as part of my job, it allows me to get feedback from past and connect with readers and young girls with a passion for the same things as me which I love. 

But I think I need to learn to seek appreciation and approval from people who love and care for me and my personality in a real world relationship before I solely and only take into consideration the opinions of those who have never even met me. 

So the thought of the day is to love Instagram, use it for inspiration but don’t use it for approval. The only approval you need is from yourself and don’t forget to take into consideration the one to one relationships around you rather than just from those relationships through a screen.