Shoe O’Clock

Shoe O’Clock

Shoes are my weakness like really they are my weakness. And its not even that kind of shoe obsession where it’s just high heels or trainers like some people have. Nope, my addiction is all shoes, sandals, trainers, heels, pumps, mules, sliders…you name it, I want it!

But the thing is that people assume that when you have so many pairs of shoes you don’t wear all of them, well doll that is where you are wrong! I actually do wear all my shoes. I have recently purchased some new shoes for the summer as well as getting out some of the more summery shoes I have in my shoe closet! So it’s out with the boots and in with the sandals. This is my summer shoe collection…here we go!

These pair are a recent purchase so are still in stores and online. They are a new style for me, one I haven’t tried before but definitely a trend shoe at the moment! Originally the slider was just considered a pool shoe and quite frankly it was a pool shoe for men as I remember them. I had been wanting a pair of sliders and these ones have not disappointed me. I first saw these ones in Harrods in Shoe Heaven (aka the greatest place on earth) and bought them soon after. The baby pink is also so on trend and sparkles on shoes are becoming more and more popular which suits me perfectly. These have a nice suede base therefore they are more for best rather than for casual. I have been styling them for casual with jeans etc as well as with a nice summer dress in the evening. These ones are from Kurt Geiger however there a lot more like these ones online for more of a on a budget price guide so I have placed the link to these ones as well as some alternatives.

The second pair in my loved collection is my black low top Converse All Stars. These are a classic and I have had this pair for at least 8-10 years now! Converse are a shoe that will never die, that is how I feel. Although I do wear these all year round especially because of the colour, I love wearing these in the summer especially with black shorts or if I’m going for a slightly edgier look. I also love these for festivals because yes they are old for me the dark colour means I’m not worried about them but can still wear a trendy loved shoe. Of course they can also be washed which is why I think this pair have lasted me so many years. A good old trusty wear!

The next pair are a dressier shoe that I bought last year and my love for these babies came as a surprise to me. This time last year I was shopping with my Nan and she suggested going into Clark’s. As a 18 year old girl I was mortified at her suggestion but went along with it anyway as a gesture of good will to my lovely Nanny. We were looking in the sale and my Nan has little feet like me (a size 3) so we often struggle to find shoes in our size in large amounts but sometimes the sales are good as not many 3’s are often sold so any they do have go into sale. I was half heartedly looking and obviously nothing was catching my eye until I heard my Nan say ‘ooohh grace these are nice for you maybe.’ As I prepared to say ‘No thank you’ I looked at the shoes in my Nan’s hand. OH WOW! They were a gorgeous little grey snakeskin mule heel. Just what I had been looking for! I tried them on and they fit perfectly as well as being so comfortable. They have been one of my go to pairs of shoes ever since simply because they are so comfortable, the style are on trend at the moment especially and they go with a lot. Again they can be dressed up or down and are great for so many occasions. I have so many compliments on these shoes whenever I wear them or have featured them on my blog or Instagram and now I proudly state ‘They are from Clark’s’.

Sticking with the mule theme I bought these shoes from Public Desire a while ago and this is one pair I am yet to wear however my excuse is that I am waiting for the perfect outfit to wear them of course! I loved the mule style of these obviously they are so on trend at the moment I just had to have them but I also loved the incorporation of another hot trend at the moment; embroidery. I thought this was a twist on just a plain black pair of mules but adding this pop of colour on the heels. I will be sure to feature a pic on the gram as soon as I style this pair.

I love me a canvas base shoe. Espadrilles are so cute especially in the summer time. As you can tell from this post and will continue to see metallic silver is a favourite of mine especially when it comes to shoes! I actually bought these shoes at a little boutique in Barcelona when I was there last summer. They’re such a cute shoe and also give a little extra height with the flatform espadrille on them. The laces are so cute and these shoes bring a lot of interest and I often get lots of comments on them whenever I wear them. 

These sandals are a new pair and another recent purchase from Boohoo. All these eyelets, pearls and studs on shoes are such a hot trend in footwear right now and these are just the perfect dupe for the Valentino rock stud look. I got these in white because I didn’t have any white shoes for summer and thought they would look cuter than the black! But it’s personal preference as to what your wardrobe contains more of I guess! I know these are going to be an amazing addition to my collection for summer, especially because they aren’t a heel but aren’t a completely flat sandal as well. Perfect for occassion and casual! Well done Boohoo! 

A more casual pair of shoes are my Converse One Stars that I was fortunate enough to be gifted by Converse whilst working with them at the FRA. I wasn’t sure on these at first but now I find they look so cute on especially in the summer weather with a cream or off white piece styled within the outfit. These look so cute with my frayed bottom jeans and are so comfortable and a classic simple style. Perfect for anyone looking for a simple yet fun shoe for everyday wear! 

Another pair of trainers I have that are a last season number are my Adidas Croc Print Superstars. These need some new lashes as they’ve been well loved and worn they’re going a little grey but never the less they are still great for a white pair of trainers with a twist because you know me. I can’t just do simple! These go with everything in the summer, they’re so comfy and the croc print keeps me on trend. As well as loving this superstar style! 

I have another pair of Adidas Superstars in the holographic black colour. This were kindly given to me by my little sister once she grew out of them which was a loss for her and bonus for me of course! I love these for festivals and again more grungy outfits in the summer. I wore these a lot in the winter but with the holographic detail in the sunlight I definitely think I will get my wear out of these casually in the summer. 

Moving into another pair of heels, this pair I bought last year from River Island but I’m pretty sure there are still a similar pair in store. They’re perfect for this time of year and for this trend season with the pink touch on them! I love wooden touches on heels especially in the summertime. These look so nice styled with white jeans or a white dress or playsuit. 

Another pair of heels I have are from Topshop and these are last season too but still a great trend shoe with the metallic silver! These were my favourite pair of heels for a long time. These were my 18th birthday shoes so they’re very special to me but they go with absolutely everything and are sooo comfortable! I prefer a block heel as I genuinely just find them more comfortable and sturdy for my little feet. So these ones have seen my through some great nights although they are getting a little battered now. Clearly I’ve been wearing them out dancing a little too much! 

Last but not least is my ultimate favourite trainer at the moment which I’m sure you will have seen on my Instagram or snap because I just can’t stop posting them! It’s these little gem babies as I like to call them from Office! I love these shoes because they are so comfortable and easy but look so glam at the same time! Anyone who knows me knows I love a sparkle and these are unique and different but seem to go with an awful lot of my outfits which I love. They remind of me of the Kurt Geiger style trainers like this but just obviously for a much more affordable price! I’ve had lots of compliments on these shoes and know I will continue to love them throughout the summer! 

Okay so writing this post I’ve realised I do have a lot more shoes than I even thought I did! But what can I say? I’m a shoeoholic! There a lot worse things to be right? 

Stay sassy xox