Summer Skincare Must-Haves

Summer Skincare Must-Haves

Dolls, our skin is constantly changing and one time it changes and differs is when the weather changes which includes conditions and temperature. This is why many of us suffer with our skin as the seasons begin to change as our skin adjusts to the difference. My skin is naturally very dry all over my body, face and lips and that is like that all year round however during the summer I notice my eczema come out more in the form of heat rash. I also get an oily forehead which leads to some breakouts as well as on my forehead.

I tend to change-up my skincare in the summer months to fit my needs, it also usually means I use less make up during the day during the summer just because I know I’m going to end up sweating it off most of the time, so why waste the make up eh? These are the products I have been loving recently and am sure to love throughout the summer.

The first product, which is a new release, that I have been loving is the L’Oreal Hydrafresh Genius Multi-Active Genius Water. I first tried this product out on my hand in a Boots store when I was browsing and didn’t really think anything of it at first. It was only when I had walked away that I felt my hand and it was so soft and almost silky feeling that I knew I needed to grab one of these babies the next chance I got. It claims to act as a toner as well as a water based hydrating moisturiser. These two claims are definitely true. As soon as I put this on my skin it instantly feels smooth and radiant, it leaves my skin glowing it seems after my daytime application. It really is that hydrating that I can still feel it on my skin when I wake up in the morning after my nightime application. Another thing I love about it is that because of its watery consistency, a little goes a long way. I only need one pump for my neck and one for my face and then I’m done. I know that this bottle is going to last me a long time. This is definitely one for the summer as well because it is so lightweight on the skin, it doesn’t clog and it feels so refreshing on the skin, perfect for a cool down.

The next product I have been loving is something that is still taking the beauty world by storm after their introduction last year. It is the sheet masks and in particular recently I have been loving the ones from Face Inc (by Nails Inc) especially this Cat Nap 40 Winks Sheet Mask. Not only is this one so revitalising on the skin but it gives my skin the perfect pick me up it needs. These sheet masks are so good because they provide all the goodness of a face mask but without the mess, it makes them perfect for pamper nights. As you can see my boyfriend loves them too. I love that you can use the excess moisture from these to rub into the skin after you are done with the mask. They are so easy as well and great for travel, I will definitely be grabbing a couple of these for the plane on my travels this summer. My skin gets so dry on an aeroplane and this really is just the perfect solution. These Face Inc ones are super cute for pictures too with their fun designs. Love it! I have tried so many of these sheet masks and was thinking of doing a blog post dedicated to reviewing a few of them. Let me know via social medias if that is something you would enjoy and I will get working on it.

We all have accidents when it comes to the sun in the summertime, some more than others of course! Due to my fair skin, after sun care is a huge priority of mine especially if I’ve had the misfortune of a little sunburn. This is why I have been loving the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask. I discovered this brand of skincare when in Sephora in December and have loved them ever since. I have tried many of his face masks but this one has to be my favourite and it is perfect for summer. It claims to be cooling and soothing for the skin and it really is. It keeps my skin feeling so fresh and it really is a great mask for them summer nights because it cools my skin right down and sorts out any redness due to heat. It also says it is perfect for sun damaged or irritated skin which is definitely true. I have been using this on my face and neck after any particularly hot and sunny days and it has taken the redness right out of my skin and is so refreshing at the same time. You can put it on for the standard 10 minute face mask or put it in the fridge and then apply it as an intense overnight mask, something I love doing. the only negative to this brand is that they are on the pricey side of skincare and only available online, in the US or in Sephora. However I was lucky enough to find this large mask as part of the cucumber set in TK Maxx here in the UK so keep your eyes peeled.

Another product that has been a saviour when it comes to aftersun is the Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel. This product is great for soothing the skin after being out in the sun all day and the great thing about this one is that it can be used all over the body and it isn’t expensive either. A little goes a long way with this product as well because it is a watery gel like consistency. I have been loving using this as a refreshing moisturizer all over my body and I know this is going to be perfect on holiday after sun as well. I love this one because not only does it contain Aloe Vera which is incredible for the skin, it smells great which not all aftersuns do. It also isn’t heavy like it feels really like on the skin so it refreshes and cools you down rather than making you feel creamy and hot like some aftersun creams do.

A lip product I have been loving is one that I have used on my skin for ages but never thought about using on my lips. It is The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum Oil. I have used this serum on my face for many years but after seeing Instagram Beauty videos using oils on their lips to prep them and keep them hydrated, especially before applying a matte liquid lip, I thought I would try it out. It has actually done my lips wonders. They feel so smooth now and I only have to apply this a couple of times a day and using a very minimal amount because this product goes a long way. You cannot overuse product due to the excellent packaging of the pippet which makes product control so much easier. I like to just put a few drops from the pippet over my top and bottom lip and then rub it in to my lips further with my finger.

I like to use my Rodial Stemcell Superfood Glam Lip Balm alongside the oil to keep the lips glossy and plump on top of the oil. Especially if it is a no make up kind of day and I am not wearing any coloured lipstick or gloss on my lips. This product smells amazing which is great for a lip balm and sometimes they don’t always smell the best, which I think is important when it is located right under your nose. This is obviously a no colour balm but it still leaves my lips looking appealing as it has plumping abilities as well. Although not too much like I don’t feel my lips tingling or looking like I’ve had twenty ton of lip fillers. Just the right amount. I’m running low on this which is making me so upset so I cannot wait to repurchase this.

The final product is one that I didn’t know whether to include in this post as I wasn’t sure whether it was skincare or not but I have been using it on my skin this summer and for definite will continue to so why not. It is also one I have been dying to rave to you about. It is the Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser. Now if you a fake tan user like me then you will know how painful the struggle of patchy fake tan is and waiting for it to come off so you can reapply. Well the days of murdering your skin scrubbing that product off is long gone. This really is a revolution in fake tanning. At first I was so excited of this product launch and then I was a little suspect, obviously wondering if it would actually work or not. But hallelujah it does! I apply this bad boy for 5 minutes then get in the shower and simply wash away my tan. It has made my fake tanning process a lot quicker and easier. I have been posting about this baby on my Instagram Story and Snapchat and lots of you guys have been asking me about it so I just had to tell you my full opinion. The only thing I would say is that the foam takes a while to sink in to the skin so I think the timing should be longer than 5 minutes for setting in and working in on the tan. It also does work best removing Bondi Sands tan of course, which I expected however it does get rid of other brand tans pretty well also. I would defo recommend investing in this product if you are a fake tan lover like me, it is a dream come true. Thank you Bondi Sands!

Thank you to everyone who voted on my poll on Twitter about this post, here it is and I hope you have enjoyed it! If you have used any of these products before or are trying them due to this post then let me know in the comments or via social media how you got on with them, or if there are any skincare products you are loving this summer and think I should be trying then let me know!

Stay Sassy xox