My Lashes Experience

My Lashes Experience

In a survey, it was revealed that 50 percent of women would choose mascara if they could only use one makeup product. But think of the other options you would have if your lashes were already long, lush, and dark (lipstick would be next on the list for me, or bronzer, or highlighter).

I’ve always been obsessed with lashes. Having had very blonde lashes growing up I was wearing mascaras as soon as I started secondary school choosing all the ones that claimed to lengthen, volumize, blacken and plump lashes. I then moved on to tinting my lashes as I got a bit older and then found falsies too. False Lashes are a God send in the world of make up in my eyes. However they are becoming more and more expensive as well as not being practical for everyday use, not to mention the struggle and panic when you can’t get your lashes on before a night out. Don’t tell me you haven’t been there.

I had never really taken eyelash extensions into consideration until recently to be honest with you. Of course I had seen lots of Instagram accounts and heard of them but still never really took any notice. It wasn’t until one of my best friends Abbie got them, to be honest I think she had had them a while but I had just started to notice…sorry Abb! Her lashes were always looking long and full and like she had falsies on all the time and she said they were extensions and I was shocked.

For anyone who doesn’t know what eyelash extensions are I will explain a bit. TheyI was always under the impression eyelash extensions were really expensive, difficult and that there were a lot of things you couldn’t do with them. I like to wear a lot of eye make up so I was certain that they wouldn’t work for me. But after having the girls apply some of the individual eyelure lashes on me I started to change my mind. Shoutout to Silva for gluing my eyes shut together in the process by the way, thanks for that doll! I loved the appearance of the individual lashes and was finding I could still wear eyeshadow and eye make up if I took it off carefully with an oil free wipe which I always did anyway!

After these lashes fell out I decided I was going to try the eyelash extensions and see what they are all about, even if it was only for the summer. I was searching local salons and Instagram accounts for images and prices of the individual lashes, which is what I decided I wanted to go for first of all. I then came across Bryony or Lashes by Bear as she is known on Instagram in the lashes world! I knew Bryony from around my area as well as us having mutual friends. Her Instagram pictures and videos showed flawless lashes as well as some great reviews so I thought why not give to someone I know and get them done by her. So I booked in with Bryony and went to get my lashes done. The first full set of individuals took around an hour and 45 minutes and after a long time with my eyes shut I was excited to see them. The lashes she had done on me were naturally glam, that is honestly the only way I can describe them. They obviously weren’t natural because whose eyelashes are actually that long, curled and who has that many lashes perfectly aligned. I really am hoping the answer to that question is no one.

So having loved the finishing product I went off and booked in with Bryony for three weeks time for an infill. Over the next three weeks I found that the lashes did become crossed over etc after I slept and sometimes throughout the day however this was easily fixed with a quick brush through the lashes. I continued to wear eye make up as I usually did and took it off carefully with a oil free make up wipe which was easy to do as long as I didn’t rub the lashes. The eyelashes do fall out throughout them three weeks but this is completely natural and is meant to happen which I was reassured by my other friends who have had lashes. When it came to getting infills I was defiantly ready for a new set therefore I really do believe when they say three weeks this is true, as long as you are looking after the lashes of course.

When it comes to the pricing, I always thought they would be really expensive but they aren’t really, only the first full set is the one that is a larger sum but other that that they aren’t that much more than getting my nails done. From Bryony it cost me £40 for the first full set and £25 for infills after three weeks. This really is a price I am now willing to pay for how great these lashes have made me feel. They have given me so much more confidence in not wearing make up everyday and I now feel more comfortable heading out with no make up on or no eye make up on. In turn this means I have saved money in buying false lashes and saved the amount of mascara I am using as I am only using mascara on the bottom lashes now.

So to summarise here are some things you need to know, take into consideration and some general tips to know about Lash Extensions.

  1. It is a very calming process.

Some people would think that laying down on a bed with music playing or having a chat for 2 hours is boring or tiring. But most of us, definatly us girls find it luxurious and really quite relaxing not to mention the building excitement to see the final outcome.

2. You can wear make up with them.

You can wear make up with lash extensions, something a lot of people get wrong. Only liquid-based eye products will be damaging to the extensions, but you can get away with a tiny wing of liquid liner as long as you’re not dragging it along the lash line. You then just need to make sure you are carefully removing the eyeshadow or eyeliner with oil-free makeup remover. I find that using cotton buds are excellent for precision. Most importantly, stay away from mascara entirely as it leaves the extensions crusty and damaged. It’s only acceptable if you’re at the end of your cycle and will be getting a fresh set in a few days.

3. Eyelash extensions last longer than you think

People always think that eyelash extensions don’t last that long for the money because they aren’t taking care of them. Infills are recommended every two to three weeks to keep them looking fresh but if you brush them, leave no make up on and don’t rub your lashes then they can last up to 5 weeks before falling out altogether. 

4. Every eyelash experience you have is customisable 

I think eyelash extensions were just one set for all but everyone’s are different. You can go glam or natural. They have different length lashes so you can choose option as well as the curl or the placement. So don’t think just because your girls lashes curl up to Jesus that yours have to, every lash is different. 

5. Extensions ruin your eyelashes but they don’t have to 

Yes eyelash extensions do have risks to your own lashes but only if you don’t play by the rules. So do not make the mistake of pulling out the lashes yourself, for starters it’s painful and also pulls out your own lashes along with the extensions of course. This leaves you with next to nothing lashes of course however after an intense lash rehab with a lot of Vaseline they should begin to grow back. However do not make that mistake, allow your lashes to fall out naturally or ask your technician to perform a removal on you. 

Lashes definatly have made a difference to my daily life especially making me more confident without make up. Next up I’m going to be trying Russian lashes which are essentially a more glam version of infidivual lashes making them thicker and more black. They also are meant to supposedly last longer. I will give you an update when getting these and let you know my thoughts. I will be post lash updates on my Instagram and Snap so check them out!

Until then, all photos in this post are from my lash chick Bryony’s Instagram page LashesByBear. Check her out if you’re in the local area of Bromley or Croydon. 

Stay Sassy xox