Peace And Love

Peace And Love

I just wanted to write a quick post on this subject although I know you will have seen a million tweets, a hundred thousand Instagram posts, a thousand facebook posts and a hundred news articles on the matter.

But what has been happening in the world recently and in particular my city and my country, London and the UK, I have to comment on. What happened in London on Saturday and at Manchester arena a few weeks ago is shocking. It is disgusting, heartbreaking, terrifying and horrific. In fact there aren’t enough negative adjectives in the world for me to describe the events that have occurred.

But I don’t need to tell you that, the news has told you that, social media has told you that and you know that yourself. I am here to tell you what we can do and how I’m feeling and genuinely to know if anyone feels the same as I do.

In the recent weeks when these events have occurred I have felt drained and I’ve seen others feeling like this too, it’s been a strange few weeks for the British public and I can tell everyone has taken these events badly. Especially Sunday I was feeling very discouraged, very confused and very scared about the whole matter. I will be honest it has affected my behaviour. I go to college in central London and have to take a train, a tube and walk through some very crowded stations, tube lines and popular tourist locations to get there. It has made me feel wary about spending time in large crowds, thinking about going uptown and going to a concert and such events. I am frightened, I am fearful as much as I don’t want to admit it. My boyfriend was unlucky enough to be in Central London down the road from where Saturday’s attack happened and had trouble getting home after being locked in the pub he was at at the time. This in turn then had me fearing for my loved ones as well. As I have said Sunday morning I was feeling particularly down and had an extremely heavy heart about both of the events. But there was something that changed all of that.

Sunday evening, like many of you I am sure, I turned on BBC One to watch the One Love Manchester charity concert hosted by Ariana Grande for the victims of the Manchester Arena attack a few weeks ago. I tuned into this concert expected it to be like any other concert featuring many of my favourite pop artists but it was different. From the minute it started it was different. It wasn’t staged, it wasn’t rehearsed. Instead it was natural, it was emotional, it was casual, it was real. It was everything we needed as a country right now. It was fun, of course it was emotional due to the nature of what it was for but instead of being sad about the events everyone was enjoying themselves and living and in turn helping. Not only the music and artists were coming together and not only did every song mean something but the crowd just seemed to ooze love and togetherness, so much so that you could feel that through a television screen.

A song that really touched me was Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande’s duet of ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ I have always loved this song but the words never really meant anything until now. It was just such a powerful performance and the lyrics of this song really rang true when they sang ‘They come to build a wall between us, but we know they won’t win”

Another performance that I thought wasn’t as well credited as it should have been and a song that truly had me feeling a certain type of way was Miley Cyrus’ performance of her song ‘Inspired’. Such a beautiful song and really did have me feel inspired rather than defeated by these events.

I have donated to the charities, I have bought the charity t.shirts and jumpers on InTheStyle and Boohoo. But recently I have been struggling in the sense that I wish I could do more, I wish I could help more, do anything. But I know I cannot create world peace on my own of course, politicians and world leaders haven’t even figured that out yet. But I want to do something and I’m stuggling coming to terms with the fact that I cannot. Recently I think about these victims and I cannot help but well up with emotion for them and what their families are going through.

As a young girl this is something I never thought I would be sitting up at night thinking about, thinking about if I want to go to that concert or I want to go to that restaurant up town for dinner. It shouldn’t be that way. My seven year old cousin and I facetime all the time and she goes to me “It’s very scary what happened in London and Manchester isn’t it? Did you do the one minute silence? Did you see the One Love concert, it’s very sad isn’t it” And it just breaks my heart that children as young as my cousin have to be made aware about these kind of issues at such a young age. I think it’s great that she is aware, I think it’s great that she has the intelligence to understand and be emotional thinking about the victims and people who lost their lives. I think schools are doing their job but making children participate in minutes silences for such events as this. After all they learn about the world wars and have minutes silences on Remembrance day and this is something that is going on in their time that they need to know about. It’s just upsetting that our world is in such a state where these are things that are in the forefront of a 7 year olds mind to speak about.

Never the less we will continue to live our lives otherwise these people win. So we should wear our ‘Love Is The Answer’ tees with pride and be kinder to those around us and in our communities. I know I have been in recent weeks and will continue to do so. It has also taught me to hold my loved ones close and live life to its fullest everyday because life is too short.

I continue to pray for those who have been affected by the recent events in Manchester and London as well as anyone who has ever been affected by a terror event such as these ones. My heart and love is with you. Not to mention the admiration for those victims who have been so strong in recent weeks after being involved in these tragic events, my respect for you is everlasting.

Peace and Love Dolls xox