The Staple Pieces In my Wardrobe

The Staple Pieces In my Wardrobe

Every one have them certain pieces in their wardrobe they always lean towards; whether it be accessories, bag, shoes, jumpers, jackets etc. These just happen to be mine.

I’m starting off with one any of you who have read my blog for a while or follow me on Insta will know…my trusty Moschino. This bag has seen me through the best times and it is so handy. Everyone needs a black bag and this one, although small is the perfect size and the perfect style to go with everything. Although being small it fits a lot into it and I know I can style with jeans, dresses and any colour. Because the bag is has the quilted texture and the gold chain it instantly makes it a dressy bag, therefore I can use this bag on so many occasions. Being one of the main reasons my Moschino is one of my staples.

Jeans are a staple item in my wardrobe no matter what shade, style or where they are from. But a key piece in my wardrobe are my Topshop Joni Jeans that are high waisted and come in lots of different shades. I wear my black and dark blue ones with just about any anything at the moment but I know coming into the summer months I’ll be heading into topshop to get a lighter denim shade to go with my colourful summer wardrobe. They’re so stretchy and comfortable, the worst thing is when jeans are restrictive and with these ones it’s just not the case.

With recent winter months a staple in my wardrobe has defiantly been my powder pink coat. I bought this from topshop several years ago but it has lasted me so well and it is a style that keeps coming back around every winter. Although it doesn’t go with everything, my wardrobe in the winter is a lot of black, grey, white etc. So it matches them outfits perfectly and makes an outfit cute and girly and stand out which I love.

One of my favourite casual dresses that I am always drawn to in my wardrobe is my fangirl dress I bought from topshop a couple months ago. It is so on trend right now with the rocker band Vibes so I’m not sure how much longer it’ll be a staple piece but it is just one of my most worn pieces at the moment. It’s great for casual but can also be dressed up for a night out by adding my knee high boots and a crystal choker. This dress is also very figure hugging so I love the way it shows off my curves and I think that’s why I’m drawn to it so much.

This baby is a recent staple and has only been worn a few times but I can just tell it’s going to be added to my most worn list. It is my Zara drawstring white shirt! This shirt is so interesting to me because I love a white shirt I really do, but sometimes I just find them so boring. Like trousers and a white shirt…yawn. I feel like it can be a bit workified sometimes. Is that even a word? Well it’s my word, you get me! However I love the white shirt sophisticated look so I always struggled as to styling a white shirt. But…Zara saved me from this struggle. They have the biggest collection of different white shirts that all have such cute details and are more than just a plain shirt. This one I just loved with the drawstring detail adding that emphasise to the waist. It can be dressed up or dressed down and once again it just suits my shape which I love. So this is defiantly going to be a staple especially for the spring!

I’m a sucker for a choker right about now and I have so many that are staples! They’re so on trend and have been for a while so I can feel these being my go tos for a long time to come. I buy my chokers from depop mainly and I have a velvet one, my drawstring one and my crystal one from depop boutiques. Other than that I love the chokers from primary; they’re so stylish and come in packs where you can wear them all together or seperate for so cheap! Like £3 for 5 chokers. And I love that bargain! Plus they just add that little something extra to an outfit.


I really struggled with finding a staple shoe in my wardrobe and this is because I wear so many different shoes regularly. I have my black converse that I love, my white croc print adidas superstars, my black holographic superstars, my topshop silver loafers, my knee high boots, my snakeskin mules! I have too many shoes that I wear all the time to pick a staple so if you want to see some of my shoes I love wearing then let me know if you’d want to see a shoe collection post! I think that’d be fun!

Another staple top of mine has got to be my grey topshop plunge wrap over top! This top is great for a last minute night out as it can be dressed up, show a bit of cleavage with a nice necklace, heels and jeans! Perfect! It is a really flattering shape and is kind of cropped so looks great with high waisted jeans! They now have this in the sale at topshop which I have also recently picked up in the pale pink shade as well! Result!

I’m sure my staples for the summer season will be changing soon so I’ll be sure to do a revamped summer staples as soon as the season hits!

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Stay sassy xox