Tanning Down To A T

Tanning Down To A T

I always say fake tanning isn’t just a weekly routine or for when you’re going out…it’s an art!

Okay..so maybe that is a little extreme, but fake tanning is a massive asset to a girl, especially if like me you’re as pale as a ghost. A tan just fixes everything for me, it makes me feel sexier, summery, ready.

Now I know it isn’t technically fake tan season yet, we are all still covered up to the maximum trying to keep our mitts warm. But just because its below freezing outside doesn’t mean I want the little leg showing through the rips through my jeans to look like paper. And it doesn’t meaning I don’t want to look bronzed and glowing in the club on a Friday night. Plus it’s never too early to prep for summer right?

So first of all I’m going to talk you through prep for fake tanning, now I tend to fake tan every week on a Thursday night or Friday afternoon depending on when I want my tan for and what tan I’m using. It’s important to prep the skin for fake tanning so that you get an even coverage and so that the tan lasts and comes off evenly and you don’t end up looking like a patchwork quilt gone wrong.

So I will have a shower before I fake tan, usually around an hour before so that I have time to let my skin sit and breathe before smothering it with product. So for your prep shower you’re going to need a body wash, exfoliating body wash, exfoliating mitt and a razor.

Firstly I normally shave, this is because the hair creates a barrier for the tan. So it’s important to shave to create a smooth base for the tan to glide onto. So areas in particular would be the underarms and legs most importantly. I tend to use the Venus sensitive razors by Gilette, just because I tend to suffer from shaving rash and they creative a close shave yet provide moisture to the skin at the same time for a smooth finish.

I then will use a exfoliating soap and mitt. In this case I’ve been used the sanctuary scrub or sometimes I use the soap and glory sugar crush body scrub. I like to exfoliate all over my skin, to get rid of any dead skin that can cause clogging of the tan and also to get rid of any previous tan still sitting on top of he skin. Be careful not to scrub too hard, you don’t want to create red blotches or scratches before tanning.

I then will use my body wash which I’ve been using the Lush Snow Fairy recently which I just love the smell of. After getting out of the shower I’ll moisturise using my Aveeno natural mosturiser but I’ll only moisturise my ankles, feet, hands, my neck, knees and elbows. All of the parts that are prone to clogging tan.

  Now for the tan part. There’s so many different tans on the market especially in recent years. So many brands, so many types, so many colours. So I’m going to take you through some of my favourites.

Now please bare in mind that I have fair skin naturally with pink undertones. I also have fairly dry skin which is sensitive so these tans worked well for my skin however yours may be different.

The first tan I want to speak about is the St Moriz developing tanning mousse in medium. Now this tan says it is developing which means you have to leave it on for at least 6 hours to get any real colour from it. I find that this tan is best when I was to build up my tan throughout the week. So after one coat the colour won’t be as dark so if you’re looking for a noticeable tan then I would either use the dark shade of this tan for a couple of days or avoid a developing tan altogether. A developing tan is also a slow process. I tend to use one of these when I have more time on my hands! You can grab St Moriz tan in any savers or primark store from £2.99.

The next tan I tend to use is the St Tropez One Hour Rapid Tan or the Three Hour Rapid Tan. Honestly the difference between these two isn’t that much other than the one hour one obviously brings out a decent colour a lot faster. I find the St Tropez tans to be a lot less smelly than other tans that I have used before. They also bring out an incredible colour that lasts at least a week. The only thing I do find is that sometimes the one hour tan will develop faster in some places than others…for example my body will develop way faster than my legs! But maybe that’s just on my skin. This tan is great for a quick fix just before a unorganised or unplanned night out. Pop it on, do the bits you gotta do and wash off an hour later! Perfect! You can grab various St Tropez products on feel unique, beauty bay or in majority of Boots stores from £15 upwards.

A great top up tan for the face is the hoola bronzing spray for the face. This is a great alternative for face tan which tends to fade quicker on the face than the body due to washing more frequently and harder. Defo one for the top up!

Another tan I would recommend would be the Dove Summer Glow gradual moisturising tan. I’m not sure if I would class this as a tan or not because it is a cream and more of a moisturiser. But this tan really gives a well rounded all over glow like it says in the name. Not an instant tan colour, more of a buildable colour. I would definatly say this tan would be for someone who has dry skin and looking for a glow rather than a all over complete tan. For the best results use the dark one, the light and medium ones wash off as virtually nothing. You can pickup this product at round about any boots or savers for £5 and under.

I also want to talk about the Rimmel instant tan, this tan gives such a peachy shimmery glow. For such a cheap price, it gives such a great instant colour. The only thing is it smells a little stronger than other tans and you defo need a glow with this one and minimal amounts to not end up orange!

Now the Vita Liberata tan was the first tan I ever used in a spray tan as well as in a self tan. Their products are more on the pricey side but for good reason as the variety is insane as well as the long lasting wear of their tans! They even do a two week lasting tan! I have only had the pleasure of using the Rapid 4-7 day tan in the shade medium. I would only use this tan for a special occasion as it is so pricey but the formula really does last and comes off evenly without scrubbing. More of a fading effect with this tan however I would say the lasting power would definatly be more towards 4 days than 7. 7 would be pushing it a bit! You can get any of the Vita Liberata tans from feelunique, beauty bay or in selected boots stores from £29.99.

Top Tan Tips:

Always use a higher quality mitt. A mitt where the colour is going through to your hand is just going to leave you with orange palms and that’s not a good look.

Always make sure you ran your ankle with minimal tan, it’ll clog otherwise and that’s not a good look either, especially when wearing heels.

Be sure to tan your ears, it’s often something people forget but it really does notice when your face and body are glorious bronzed and you’ve got ghostly pale ears.

Use just a light coat on your hand and get between the fingers. We’ve all had them times where our hands are so much more orange than the rest of us and trust me you will get stared at.

White bedsheets and a night of fake tanning do not mix. Make sure to put a towel down or have a set of tanning bedsheets you don’t mind getting tan on. Otherwise them John Lewis whites won’t be white for very long!

Moisturise and gently exfoliate everyday after tanning. This will make sure your tan comes off evenly and you won’t be left patchy.

So that’s it for my tanning overview. If you have any tans you think I should be using then let me know via social media. Or if you’ve had any tanning disasters you think you can help me or any of my readers avoid and I’ll share my faves!

Stay sassy xox