Sephora Spree: A Beauty Rave

Sephora Spree: A Beauty Rave

First of all…I AM BACK! I have finally sorted all of the issues I have been having with my hosting company for my blog and am now back up and online!

As any of you who follow me on Instagram know, over Christmas break I took a trip to Florida with my family. We did the whole Disney and Universal theme park thing, Mickey and Minnie and all that jazz. But I have to say as a girl and as a make up lover one of the parts I was most excited about was visiting a Sephora for the first time! Yes I had never been, it’s shocking!

I visited the Sephora store within the Disney Springs shopping parade which was amazing, it was so packed but the staff were so helpful and I had a great visit. In actual fact I didn’t go into Sephora just the once, not even twice…but three times! Safe to say I got addicted quick. But I’m not here to write a blog post simply about my Sephora experience because majority of my readers are make up lovers and no doubt would have been there themselves. I wanted to give a review of some of the products I picked up there and how I am getting on with them a month after purchasing and using.

I feel as though many people speak about make up products after just using them a few times and I find that the difference between me buying a product again would be if after a month of using it I am still loving it.

The first product I picked up in Make Up Heaven was from the newest collaboration between Two Faced and Kat Von D Cosmetics. It was their mascara and liner set which included the Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, both in mini form. I had had the pleasure of using the Better Than Sex Mascara before as I was given it for Christmas which I was so excited about. It certainly lived up to its expectations so I thought I would get another mini as well as the eyeliner. It was $20 for the two minis in the set.

So the big question is how have I got on with them after using them around a month now? I love them. The mascara is coming to its end which is why I’m so glad I got the other one when I was in Florida. It gives both my top and bottom lashes such a great coverage of mascara and fans them out perfectly to the point where I’ve been asked if I’m wearing lashes. I also love that it doesn’t clump no matter how many coats you put on and it lasts all day.

And how about the liner? I can honestly say that this is the best pen eyeliner I have ever used. It is so black and stays on all day without budging. I have quite watery eyes and always struggle with liner as I find it fades and I end up loosing my wing throughout the day. But this liner truly is what the name says…a tattoo. The thin pen tip makes it so easy to use as well, I have been spending half the time on my liner than I was doing with a gel, so it’s perfect for anyone looking for ease and needing to do their make up quickly. The only thing I would say is that mine has now run out so it hasn’t lasted very long and with the full size liner being £16 I can’t really afford to buy one every month. However I would definatly say it is worth the buy and I will be purchasing the full size to see how it lasts as I need this product back in my life.

The second product I picked up was the Two Faced Born This Way foundation. I was looking for a new foundation and an alternative to my MAC foundations. Honestly I was just looking to try something new which I think is important to do with make up, as formulas are always changing and improving. I use the shade Vanilla in the collection therefore I am fairly fair. This foundation is oil free which I would say is perfect for any skin type, I have dry skin but I was finding I was getting very oily and shiny towards the end of the day by using MAC face and body particularly. Because this foundation is oil free I never find I am shiny due to excess oil. I don’t feel I’m even wearing foundation majority of the time because it doesn’t feel heavy or cake on the skin, although it still gives an incredible coverage. I find I have to wear less concealer when wearing this foundation because it is such great coverage. I would defiantly purchase this foundation again but maybe not straight away. I am loving using it but I like to experiment with foundations and would like to try some more before I come back to it. If you have any recommendations of foundations I should use then please let me know via any of my social medias or in the comments.

Another product I got whilst in Sephora was the Becca Cosmetics in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop highlighter. This was a product I specifically went into Sephora to get because I am a huge fan of Jaclyn and have wanted this product for a long time, but being in the UK it is a lot harder to come by. I have to say whilst I am incredibly impressed with the gorgeous colour and highlighting power of this product. I find the staying power isn’t as great as I expected and I find my highlight fades very quickly. I’m going to continue using it with my strobe cream to enhance the staying power possibly. But overall I love the colour and this is my go to highlighter at the moment, I feel as though the colour would look gorgeous on any skin tone as well! Truly a gem in the highlight category.

This was the product that sparked my third visit into Sephora. And of course it is the Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. After finding this was out of stock I pleaded with the lady to tell me when they would be coming back in but she couldn’t give me any info. So on a whim the third time I was passing the store I went in and there they were, just two palettes left on the shelf! I don’t think I’ve ever run so fast in my life!

Now I don’t need to rave about this palette because you already know it…all the best beauty bloggers and you tubers have told you! It’s incredible! The shades work particularly well for me as I have green eyes so the red and pink shades just have me so excited! But the amount of shades in this palette there are endless possibilities of looks to be created and that’s what I love about it. On a short trip away I only need this one palette in order to create so many looks both basic and more dramatic. Not only that but the eyeshadow pigment is so great and so blendable. I would definatly buy this palette again if I ever needed to.

The final product I purchased was the Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea 4 in 1 Setting Spray. Now I have a strong mixed review of this spray. Firstly I have to mention the smell of this..oh wow. It is the best smelling fixing spray on the market. It smells like oranges but it isn’t overpowering, it’s just heavenly and so refreshing. The setting spray itself hydrates the skin so well and I find it leaves my skin looking so soft and crease free. However the pump on this product annoys me, whether it’s just mine or all of them are like it I don’t know. I find it very hard to get product out…and it’s not because the product is running out. It’s over half way full in fact but I find it doesn’t pump out as much as I want it too and that instead I’m getting drops sprayed instead of a full mist spray. I also find that other setting sprays have helped my make up last all day better than this one. I probably wouldn’t purchase this product again for a while however whilst I have it I’m loving it and definatly recommend it to anyone who needs extra hydration in their skin after and before applying make up.

If there’s any products you think I should be ordering or trying then please do let me know…I’m always on the hunt for new make up experiments. You can contact me on Instagram, Twitter or on any of the social media linked below.

Thank you for all the support on my social media channels whilst I have been away and I promise after this inconvenient (and not wished for) break I will be consistent in posting exciting comment on my blog as well as social media.

Stay sassy xox